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The Team

Our team is composed of two talented individuals with a variety of skill sets: one, a musical, lyrical genius, the other, a prolific visual artist, and both great artists in their own rite.  Together, they're an unstoppable force that will change the face of art.



A man who knows how to hustle, from music, to video editing and A&R, Dayo can do it all with lyrics that touch the soul. Humble beginnings helped make him the artist that he is today, while persistence makes success inevitable.

Read his bio here.

An intuitive soul, Chris honed his skills to set foot on his own creative journey.  Reclusion may stifle most but, in his case, it has resulted in a raw, unfiltered style unique to him.  But now is the time for his light to shine through.

Read his bio here.


Ezy Pee

Ezy Pee is an up-and-coming artist who resides in Freetown, Sierra Leone.  As part of the "Dynamic Superior Guys" music group, Ezy Pee values both team work and hard work.  He was also named a Best R&B Artist 2018 nominee by the "Call Africa Friends" organization for having one of the most impactful songs for social change during the 2018 Sierra Leonean election.

Read his bio here.

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