Dayodman's Bio

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A Soulful musician/Motivational Speaker Nigerian by blood, born in America. Who started making and music from his Michael Jordan shoebox using a pill bottle as a stand by poking holes for the cord to pass through the bottle with an empty pill bottle. Becoming very passionate with music led the craving to hone his skills in a gutted out building later called the "Bomb Shelter" a place with no light but extension cords wired from a building with light for the purpose to make sound and live a dream to motivate, connect and inspire people all over the world.


Building a network and having over 2000+ Videos on YouTube and being an A&R to artist in different parts of the world hugely Africa.


Also apart of his category he created and hosts Motivational Monday,  Life in A Bomb Podcast and Relationship Guide 101 Series as well as Motivation Daily, shooting and directing most of his music videos and other great content. Dedicated to the grind of success let's wait and see what he holds to give to the universe.