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CftxP's Bio

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From rediscovering his Pilipino heritage, to making abstract landscapes, and web design, Chris Fornesa (CftxP) has always combined his dynamic intuition and creative intent to make art on his own terms.  It all began with a watercolor paint set and a fascination with jewels that, in the 1st grade, won him an "Artist" recognition from his teacher, Ms. Timmons.  Second grade, however, was the first time the world knew about this budding artist when his drawing of a duck earned him praise from his classmates.  Continuously, he has achieved numerous recognitions for his work since K-12, but something always seemed to stifle his art.  In 2012, he discovered that he is autistic, changing his world forever. 


Both academically and creatively, his world began to open up, as he would accept the grasp of this new identity.  This led to pursuits of a range of interests that, in addition to drawing and painting, also included: political science, social entrepreneurship, web design, software development, and advocacy.


He has amassed a prolific online presence composed of his many website creations ranging from conventional, to chic (like the site you're currently at), to abstract, all the way to down-right quirky designs.  In any field, Chris sees the value of any canvas, whether it is paper or a web browser, and the relevant tools, digital or not.

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