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Ezy Pee's Bio

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I'm Ibrahim P.S. Sesay Know as Ezy Pee I was born in FEB 16 1992. An artist located in Sierra Leone, Freetown City. Ezy Pee started singng in a group in 2009 under a label crew called D.S.G also known as Dynamic Superior Guys a music group formed by Ezy Pee due the tough and hard times and belief of succeeding to accomplish a goal with team work. 2013 he started attending shows with great performances 2017 he was having one  of the best collaborations with a big star by name of slim G d viper. Further more was nominated as the best R&B Artist with a certificate in a organization from Call Africa Friends - 2018 was having one of the best awareness songs for the election in his country. In February 2019 he launched his first album inside the album there were many great features from fellow stars Dayodman, K-rhyme, Slim G d viper, lady Ash as featuring.

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